Beaulieu College Newsletter - 14 June 2019

From the desk of Ms Sanders - Head GET Phase

A smarter way to learn

What is it that differentiates a top academic pupil from an average academic pupil? Is it IQ? In a recent course that the staff attended hosted by Elevate Education, self-discipline and hard work were highlighted as more indicative of good results. Added to this, research indicates that top academic students have certain habits in common. So, as we approach examinations in five weeks, let us consider what a pupil can do to be more successful and how a parent can assist?

Time Management

Top academic achievers place emphasis on managing their time effectively during the term and during examination time. They always have a schedule, but they maintain balance in their lives and incorporate “down time” in their day and study schedules. So in the lead up to and during the examinations, it’s important for your child to attend their favourite gym class or make time to watch their favourite programme – as long as they don’t binge for hours! A study timetable does not just consist of studying. First and foremost, it incorporates time for socialising, sport, TV or hobbies. Children are not machines. They cannot just study during exam time. If they have something to look forward to, then they are more likely to be committed and motivated to study.

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