Beaulieu College Newsletter - 12 April 2019

From the desk of Mr Mark Naidoo

There’s something about Beaulieu

I arrived at Beaulieu College in May 2004, where I met with Mr Robert Clarence, the founding Headmaster. I applied for the position of Science teacher and had only ever taught in two other public schools before. My interview lasted 20 minutes and, much to my surprise, I was offered the position immediately. I was sceptical about this small, new independent school and wondered if trading my stable position in the well-established Department of Education was worth the risk. To add to my reservation, Mr Clarence was not the conventional Headmaster; the only thing in his office was the local newspaper, literally nothing else! Not a diary or calendar, notice board, not even a laptop. There’s something (strange) about Beaulieu!

Fifteen years later, the decision to move was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The College has always been known for its nurturing environment and welcoming people. The staff and management have a relaxed, yet professional approach and are genuinely interested in making a difference. Pupils are happy here and despite the challenges that they face, the school is often considered a safe haven. To be completely honest, I have loved coming to work every day. In 15 years, I have been away from school for 5 days - 4 days of family responsibility leave, 1 day of sick leave, that’s it! There’s something about Beaulieu!

Beaulieu College has helped me to mature as a teacher and later, as a Deputy Head. As I am about to embark on a new journey, thankfully within the Kyalami schools’ family, I remain grateful to the many people who have had a positive influence on me and for their unselfish input and patience while I found my place. I am excited to continue my work in the academic sphere and look forward to re-connecting with pupils, staff and parents in the months ahead.

Thank you for making an unquantifiable contribution to me during my tenure at Beaulieu!

With gratitude,
Mark Naidoo

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