Beaulieu College Newsletter - 15 March 2019

From the Desk of Mr Brouard

An idea worth fighting for

When a public holiday arrives do you wonder vaguely if it’s National Onion Rings day, or whether you can break the world record for sleeping in late? That’s a pity. Something is lost when we forget our history and lose ourselves in ‘getting and spending’, as Wordsworth portrayed modern life.

The public holiday coming up on 21 March is Human Rights Day, and it honours the day that 69 people did not return home to their families that night, having been killed at Sharpeville while protesting against pass laws. The sentence I have just written will send readers in one of two directions. Either our eyes will glaze over and we’ll turn the page to photos of our child, or we’ll stick with the idea that a painful moment in history is worth reflecting on.

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