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Beaulieu College Newsletter - 31 January 2020

From the desk of our Academic Head,
Mr Jorge Ruiz-Mesa

Looking at the media frenzy in the first couple of weeks after the matric results were published, I could not help noticing how most schools focused on the top achieving pupils to measure their success.

I was privileged enough to witness first hand the joy in our matric pupils when the results were released in early January. Some of them were the same pupils who were panicking six months prior. They refused to deal with potential disappointment and put measures in place to overcome it, and they did.

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Beaulieu College 2019 Matric Results

Congratulations to Beaulieu College class of 2019 on your outstanding matric results!

Celebrating 100% pass rate for 19 consecutive years!

  • 170 A's (1,9 distinctions per candidate)
  • 98,9% BD pass (89 out of 90)
  • 39% of Candidates received 2 or more distinctions.
  • 70% of all candidates in the grade achieved at least 1 distinction.
  • 46% A or B Aggregate (18% A, 28% B)
  • 60% of Top Achievers (3 or more distinctions) come from our prep schools (3 from KPS; 12 from BPS, 9 from other Schools)

Beaulieu College Newsletter - 5 December 2019

Year-end message from the desk of
Mrs Danielle Meikle - Headmistress

Unbelievably, we have come to the end of yet another school year - my 19th at Beaulieu College. This morning's annual prize-giving was a privilege to attend, and as always, I am exceptionally proud of the results our pupils have produced in the academic arena. The speakers all spoke eloquently and with very similar messages about success and hard work. Whether you achieve success or not depends largely on many small choices that you make every day. Setting goals is important, but acting constantly and deliberately to achieve those targets, over a long period of time, is even more important. Goals without actions are merely dreams.

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Beaulieu College Newsletter - 1 November 2019


I don’t know if it is fate or a blessing in disguise but my blog seems to always be “strategically” placed just before the final exams. It is difficult to write to this audience at such a crucial time
and not fall into the arms of repetition, but the timing calls for it so here goes.

It’s final exam time! This phrase can strike fear in the heart of even the most confident student. Exams can be a source of panic and anxiety regardless of knowledge and preparation. There are
extensive studies and research into this topic and plenty of experts who claim they have a “secret recipe” to ace your exams.

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Beaulieu College Newsletter - 18 October 2019

From the desk of Mr Michael Milne - Grade 12 Grade Tutor

Valediction Address

I am glad to have the opportunity to speak to you this evening as we honor your efforts of the last 5 years. Our slogan for the year was Woke, We only know excellence!

It reminds me of a movie called Groundhog Day. This movie did release in 1993 so some of you may have not seen it yet. Phil Connors is an arrogant, egotistical Pittsburgh weatherman
sent to Punxsutawney, Pa., to cover the town's annual rodent-based celebration of springtime prognostication.

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Beaulieu College Newsletter - 4 October 2019

From the desk of Mrs Prinsloo - Head of Admin & Planning

We have started the third and final school term of 2019 with a “spring” in our step. With a lot of checklists and syllabus topics to complete before the November examinations start, we have all hit the ground running. With many events happening this term, from Heritage day to the upcoming Matric Valediction, life seems to be rushing past us and so I have used the saying “Life is a journey enjoy the ride” many times in my classroom over the past two weeks. Which led me to search for some articles with a similar heading. I stumbled across a podcast written by Karen Noé who is a renowned spiritual counsellor, and healer with a two-year waiting list.

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