The Hockey Academy has planned yet another year of training and excitement.  We invite anyone who wishes to join the Hockey Academy to contact Allistar Fredericks on 0835501826 or email Allistar:- 

Registration and information regarding the hockey club may be downloaded from the links below:-




Did you know?

Beaulieu College Hockey Academy has developed Provincial and National Hockey players. Most recently, Reza Rosenberg, coach, played for the SA Men's side at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Rusten Abrahams, alumni pupil, was selected to play in the SA Men's Indoor team, Agi Kungoane played for the u18 South African National Women's Hockey team against Australia and Courtney Abrahams, Dal Piarro Langford, Sarah Paget, Gaby Desai, Gracious Mpe, Sanele Mchunu and Marvin Simons were all selected to SA age group sides.

In total in 2019, 26 of our playerswere selected to play in provincial sides. The Academy also produced 8 National School players.