Developing hockey talent, creating hockey careers

The aim of the Beaulieu Hockey Academy is to improve hockey performance at all levels in our preparatory schools, our College and in the club, through a multi-dimensional approach. The academy provides an environment that sets a new standard in hockey training enabling its participants to realise their full potential as players both during and after school.

We offer a wide range of courses for pupils of all ages and skill levels throughout the year which features all the components embraced by professional sportsmen and women, giving participants a feel for the discipline, focus and dedication required to pursue sporting excellence. The Academy training covers all aspects of hockey from physical conditioning, to fitness training, to high-performance skills, to match tactics and umpiring, in order to develop professional hockey players. 


Provide the best hockey-specific high-performance training
Skill and technique training by top professionals in the game
Beaulieu Hockey Academy Club in 2019 produced
36 Junior Provincial Players
6 Provincial Coaches
8 Nationals Junior players
3 National Senior Players
Beaulieu College teams, coached by Beaulieu Hockey Academy in 2019 produced:
Boys First Team: Runner up 2019 Aitkin Cup, losing only one game in the 2019 Season
Girls First Team: Undefeated in their school league and 2nd place finish at the Pullen and Howell Cup.
8 School National players
26 Provincial Hockey Players 

Our brilliant and professional coaching team is led by former Olympian and SA Men’s National players Allistar Fredericks, assisted by National Player Reza Rosenberg and top Southern Gauteng Coach, Errol Davis.  

Our focus is always to improve the standard of hockey produced by our players, employing the latest coaching and training techniques to keep our players up to date with current trends in hockey.  

To be part of the action, if you are a pupil of Kyalami Schools, make sure to join the prep and college hockey teams when we commence the 2020 season. Pupils from other schools and adults who wish to be part of our success story can apply for club membership at the Beaulieu Hockey Academy.  We look forward to seeing you join us in 2020.  

Allistar Fredericks
Beaulieu Hockey Academy
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